The following conditions will take place whenever a rental contract is signed under the assistance of our company.

Article 1 Agreement

Our offers are non-committal. The contents of our agreement gets defined through that which is said in the lease contract, agreed and signed by both parties.
Changes of any agreement are only legal, if they are agreed, written down and signed by both parties.

Article 2 Costs/rates

After Allround Housing has brought about the lease contract and the lessee has signed, the commission must be paid directly.
The fee for a rental period of a minimum 3 months or longer is 1 month’ s rental + 21% tax.

Article 3 Payment

The invoiced commission is owed and will be claimed on the date of signing the lease contract.
It can either be a cash-payment or be transferred to our bank account.

Article 4 Legal liability

Allround Housing as an intermediary is never and under no circumstances responsible for partial or none approval of the lease contract, on the lessee’s part or the lessors part.
The client declares to have read and to retain a copy of our conditions. He agrees to pay the commission confirmed by our conditions and rates.
Allround Housing retains its right for commission in any case.

Article 5 Place of court

Place of court will be Amsterdam, NL